Believe Bible Study

Welcome to the Believe Bible Study.  Our entire church will journey through Bible learning about what We Believe.  This journey is a spiritual growth experience that helps Christians of all ages think, act, and be more like Jesus.  Every member of your family will experience what they believe by studying 30 big ideas found in the Bible:

10 Key Beliefs of the Christian Faith
10 Key Practices of a Jesus-follower
10 Key Virtues of a Person Who is Becoming More Like Jesus

Meet us every Wednesday at 7pm for Believe!

Week One

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What do you say to an atheist? Click on the hyperlink and check out this professor's very real and easy explanation.

An approach to discussing dinosaurs in the bible....
DINOSAURS Some interpreters hold that many of the biblical references to Leviathan (Job 41:1–34; Pss. 74:14; 104:26; Isa. 27:1), dragons (Ps. 74:13; Isa. 27:1; 51:9), and the behemoth (Job 40:15–24) preserve early memories of dinosaurs. Most, however, prefer to explain these great monsters in terms of large and terrifying animals known to man today.
The word “Leviathan” (perhaps derived from a verb meaning “to twist”) is the proper name of a large sea creature that defies easy zoological classification. Suggestions as to the identity of Leviathan include the crocodile, the dolphin, the whale, or the sea serpent.

The Hebrew word for dragon (tannin), which often refers to serpents (e.g., Exod. 7:9; Deut. 32:33; Ps. 91:13), is used generically in Gen. 1:21 for large sea creatures. Other passages mentioning tannin indicate a specific kind of large sea creature (Job 7:12; Ps. 74:13; Isa. 27:1; 51:9) which cannot be identified with certainty.
Behemoth (the plural form of the common Hebrew noun for cattle) occurs as a great monster only in Job 40:15–24. The description in Job suggests a hippopotamus or elephant.
God created all life for His enjoyment and glory, including dinosaurs (cp. Ps. 148:7). However, difficulties in interpretation preclude us from knowing to what extent the biblical writers knew about dinosaurs.
Paul H. Wright[1]

[1] Paul H. Wright, “Dinosaurs,” ed. Chad Brand et al., Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary (Nashville, TN: Holman Bible Publishers, 2003), 423.